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Cooking with Wine

Πέμπτη 14 Δεκεμβρίου 2023
Φωτογραφία από Cooking with Wine

Just like with any seasoning used in cooking, attention should be paid to the quantity of wine used in the dish – too little is insignificant, and too much is excessive. Neither extreme is desirable. For better results, wine should not be added to a dish just before serving. The wine should gently simmer with the food or sauce to enhance the flavor of the dish. If added late in the preparation, it will impart a strong taste that overshadows the rest of the dish. As the wine simmers, it reduces and becomes an essence that flavors. Boiling the wine concentrates the taste, including acidity and sweetness. The alcohol in the wine evaporates as the food cooks, leaving only the flavor. Wine takes time to impart its taste to your dish. Wait for 10 minutes or more before tasting before adding more wine. Proceed slowly in adding additional wine beyond what the recipe requires. Remember that adding more wine than necessary doesn't necessarily make it better. Use it with discretion