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Discover Aretousa Wines

Discover Aretousa Wines

Our journey began in 1991 with a vision: to create exceptional wines that reflect the unique character of our land. Since then, we have continued to blend heritage with innovation, offering wines that bear the signature of our dedication and love for the art of winemaking.

By adhering to strict quality standards at every stage of production, from harvest to bottling, we ensure that each bottle of our wine provides a unique and unforgettable tasting experience.

Each bottle of our wine is the result of meticulous grape selection and careful winemaking, ensuring the highest possible quality.

We invite you to explore our collection and savor the exceptional taste and aroma that characterize our wines.

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Our Philosophy

Every wine until it reaches your glass has a whole story behind it. The history of the land in which it is cultivated, of its variety, of its preparation, of its maturation, of its vinification, of its people.

In this way, with respect, a lot of passion and effort, and methods that require respect for tradition and at the same time harmonious cooperation with new technologies, our people continue to produce  aiming the future.

From the vintage of the grapes, combining traditional and modern methods of vinification, we choose the best elements, we are constantly updated and we work together harmoniously, the result that reaches your glass is always perfect!

The goal is to always use the accumulated knowledge of our presence in the field of wine for a number of years and of course to give you our best, through our products.