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Δευτέρα 30 Νοεμβρίου 2020
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"From the first wine" Eviva "until today, they seek to highlight the Greek varieties!

Wine in Greece! Wine closely related to man over the centuries, holds a prominent place in the consciousness of the Greek!

The deep tradition of the Greeks in the cultivation of vines and in the production of wine follows a historical path that is lost in thousands of years of the past. The Greeks developed a special relationship with wine, which accompanied all the manifestations and manifestations of human behavior. The Pontikakis family and wine! It's time to make an exciting journey through the streets of wine and Cretan tradition. Today we are transferred to Chania, and specifically to ¨Kerameia¨, the village of the Pontikakis family. In the early 1970s, the family leaders began to become more and more involved with the vineyards they owned. The first generation of the Pontikakis family creates the conditions for good wine! There, in the Island of Crete, the idea of ​​creating a company that will offer the Greeks of the whole world, the best tasty and aromatic wine, matured. "Outside the north wind blows, let us drink, sweet wine that heals the poor." (Alkaios) "Aretousa" is her name and the Cretan tradition is her heritage! "Eviva"!

In 1974, Emmanuel Pontikakis, with respect to the wine tradition, launched the first wine and laid the foundations for the creation of "Aretousa". The Cretan way of winemaking, in combination with the new methods of French winemaking but also the excellent wine products of Crete led to the first bottling with the brand name "Eviva" Pontikakis Bros. The first experiment was successful and "Eviva" wines became very popular. They decided to organize even more and went down to Athens to a small but equipped with all the necessary space to bottle more quality wines.

Thus, in 1991, following the requirements of modern times, began the effort to create a small modern space, in which a total of seven varieties of wines matured. "Aretousa", which borrowed its name from the eponymous protagonist of Erotokritos, officially entered the field of wine. “Daphni”, “Kotsifali”,” Romeiko”as well as “Liatiko” were among the first varieties but not the last. The Peloponnesian varieties, “Roditis”, “Agiorgitiko”, “Moschato” and many others are just some of the varieties that followed and constitute the current core of the company's exports.

The 7 new labels were immediately successful and conquered the Greek market. Since 2004, "Aretousa" exports its wines to many European cities, where it has many fanatical customers, the Netherlands, England are just a few countries that are lucky enough to have "Aretousa" wines. The goals of the new year! At this time, in "Aretousa" everyone works tirelessly to achieve the goals they have set for the new year. New labels will be added to existing wines to give consumers even more choices. They have already designed two new series, which will cover all tastes. The first concerns a portion of wine (187ml), and the second is a series that will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs! It will include the whole range of dryness, dry - semi-dry - sweet and it goes without saying, in portions of 750ml!

However, they also pay special attention to the new packages that are expected to be released in a short time, and this is something innovative. The 3L wine bottles will be "embraced" by a bag, which will give them an even more beautiful look. New website, new habits! "Lately we are working feverishly to build our new site, we are redesigning our website to make it even more modern, modern but above all easy to use", says to "Newsbomb" the head of the company Dionysis Pontikakis, the third generation of Aretousa ! In addition to the information about the wine and the way of vinification, the visitors of the new website will have the opportunity to learn everything about the wine, but also to get their favorite label! What are the secrets of each variety? Which wine should I choose for my favorite recipe? All these questions will be solved with just one visit, since the site will be equipped with recipes, tips and lots of wine! "We believe a lot in this site. Professionals will have the opportunity to see in detail each variety and ordinary consumers to create special recipes based on the Greek wines of Aretousa! ", says Dionysis Pontikakis. "And they were jars for sweet drink, old wine, set up, line, full of uncut, divine drink, on the wall, next to it." (Homer)

Return to the greek spirit ! The period we are going through is extremely difficult for everyone, the purchasing power has decreased and many entrepreneurs have seen a sharp decrease in their turnover.

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